Triple threat

As an experienced and applauded designer, front-end developer and programmer, I wasn’t surprised one day when I was called a triple threat. In Hollywood, this generally means that you can sing, dance, and act. It’s not common to excel in all three of these things and the same is true in web design and development.

I am passionate about pixels and crazy about code. A clean, easy to use interface is as important to me from the way it looks, to the way it interacts with the user, and even the way it functions underneath.

An accidental web designer

Once upon a time, I was a new wife and mom with a healthy appetite for technology and design. One day, my father suggested I build a website for his 3D design business. I guess he saw the potential of taming my obsession with the internet and molding it into something useful, but I never dreamed it would turn out to be such a huge part of my life.

As time went on, I got more practice and more experience, and now I’ve become a successful, self-taught, design engineer. Everything I’ve learned has come from trial, error, observation and my old friend, the internet. The result is a non-cookie cutter style, and the ability to continue to learn and assimilate to new techniques and trends.

I am 30 years old living in a small community outside of Birmingham, Alabama, USA with my husband of 12 years and our three daughters.

Other Projects

A fully supported recipe plugin for WordPress designed and developed by yours truly.