BarCamp Birmingham took place May 2nd, and it was a huge success. The official count was 94 attendees with 16 different presentations in the morning, and 19 in the afternoon. Presentations varied from subject to subject and were mostly tech related. A few subjects were “Why Women Will Want Your Blog” by Wade Kwon, “The Residential Real Estate Market” by Tom Brander, “Introduction to Flash” by Scott Fisk, and a fun “Social Media Round Table” led by Daniel Walters. The networking that was going on in the hallways were just as beneficial as the presentations. Business cards and ideas were flying everywhere you turned, and everyone was just having a great time in general. The party then “shifted” over to the new co-working space at Shift Workspace on 2nd Avenue where the networking and fun continued on.

Turning a Static Website into a WordPress Theme

While I cringe at the video that was posted (not because of the fabulous work that Jeremy Flint did, it’s just me), I’ve been assured by friends and colleauges that it’s not as bad as I think it is. If you’d like to take a look, you can watch Part 1, and Part 2 on Vimeo, and they are also embedded below. This was my first time to talk about what I do in public, but it was a great practice run for the several new opportunities I have on schedule this year.

I have already posted recently about some of those new opportunities, but this time I have dates:

It’s all so exciting, but I think my favorite part is just the interaction with real people face to face. I can call most of these people my friends now, and that’s a big boost to my confidence and productivity. See ya ’round Birmingham!

P.S. Today is my birthday.