Well, the day has finally come: I received a job offer that I couldn’t refuse, and I am officially working full-time at a web design company here in Birmingham, AL called Infomedia. I am still maintaining my personal brand, and will still continue doing work as Tammy Hart Designs, but not with as much necessity as just for the
love of it.

Also, as the title reads, I’m partnering with Infomedia so that from time to time, projects will actually be handled by the entire production team, and not just myself. This is a win/win. Not only will you get continued great results from Tammy Hart Designs, but we can offer so much more as a team that I ever could alone.

I want to take this opportunity to also give a big thank you to all of those I’ve worked with and learned from over the years, and of course, thanks to my clients who have placed their trust in me and challenged me to learn more and become better and better at what I do.

I can still say, and hope to always have the ability to say, “I love my job.”

5 thoughts on "Now Partnering with Infomedia"

  1. Wade Kwon says:

    Congratulations, Tammy! Infomedia is lucky to have you on board.

  2. ScottW says:

    Congratulations Tammy! Infomedia has only gotten better with you partnering with them. Look forward to more of your excellent work with them in the future.

  3. Congratulation on your expansion.

  4. Congrats to you Tammy. I’ve made the move before. It really helps gain perspective and experience. Keep It Up =)

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