I wanted to give a quick update on what has been happening with me lately. I could write about 5 “dear diary” type entries on some of the drama, but that’s not necessary.

The biggest thing is that my business partner and I have left Clever Rocket to start a new venture with a local web design firm. We both felt suffocated and limited in the struggling startup and we’re really excited to be able to love our work again and have the support of friends and experienced web businessmen. I can’t say any more about the new venture yet, but suffice it to say that I’m providing the same great service, Web Design and WordPress Development, but with the help and support of experienced web businessmen.

Some even more exciting news is that I have officially released my first plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository. It’s called “ReciPress” and allows you to add a recipe to your blog posts. It’s just in the fledgling stage right now, but I have big plans for it including a “pro” version with additional features and upgraded support.

I’m also working on a Tutorial series about creating custom meta boxes that will help developers build a library you can use over and over again in themes and plugins for creating meta boxes with all different types of fields. This series will be published at Envato’s WordPress tutorial site, wp.tutsplus.com.

I have even more ideas spinning around in my head that include things like new themes and plugins and I can’t wait to share them all. But like the title infers, these things take time and no matter how excited I am about them, I need to make sure I give each one the care and attention it deserves to make sure the final product is the best it can be.

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