Blogging is pretty much essential nowadays for most professionals, especially writers and those involved in all types of media. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this, embrace it. Don’t worry about copying a particular blogging style, or having to meet “blogging standards”, it’s pretty much a wide open arena. You may just keep a short and to the point journal of your thoughts, or you may chronicle the entire history of whatever topic it is that you’re interested in. The most important thing is that you write, and try to do it consistently. This is advice I know I should take myself, and I am trying to fit it in more often, but it doesn’t make it any less true, just because I’m the one saying it.

Below is a slideshow that I got to share at this months AMP (Alabama Media Professionals) meeting. I want to thank them for having me; it is always a pleasure to share the gift of knowledge and educate others on the benefits of blogging.