So blogging is all the rage these days, but why? Are people really interested in the minute details of a person’s life? Surprisingly, yes, there are those that spend hours a day reading blog post after blog post that include daily antics, photos of their family, and rantings about pop culture. This is the information age, and people just can’t get enough of it. I remember as a young child my grandfather watching the 6 o’clock news religiously, and now I have friends in my generation that turn an all news channel on, and leave it there the entire day.

Businesses around the world have hooked into this hunger for news and facts, and have begun to include web logs in their online presence. But there are quite a few benefits to this, that an average user doesn’t realize. So should your business have a blog? Absolutely, and here’s why:

Dynamic Content

There’s nothing more wasteful than a beautiful website that entices the reader on the first visit, and then gives them no reason to come back. It’s important to interact with those that have expressed interest in your business. Go into any Ci Ci’s Pizza, and you’ll be greeted with “Welcome to Ci Ci’s!” from every employee within earshot of the door bell. If someone were to walk into your storefront, you would greet them, ask them an unobtrusive question to generate communication, and then develop a relationship with them as quickly as possible. Your website should have the same attitude, and a blog is the perfect way to do it. It can be used for product and company updates, polling your customers, getting feedback on new ideas, and sharing interesting resources and quips to create a more personable relationship with your readers.

Search Engine Optimization

A blog post is a perfect way to insert keyword goodies into your site. Take for instance the header above. Those three words are a secondary target keyword phrase for my site, and having it featured here in an h2 tag populates my site content with the phrase an extra time. Yes, the days of keyword spamming are over as search engine algorithms progress to be more intuitive about quality content, but it helps to give this page a clear outline of what content is here, and how important each topic is. Keeping your content fresh, and alerting the search engines through a sitemap and pinging, your website will get indexed and re-indexed. It’s always good to gain positive attention!

Social Media Attention
& Incoming Links

When you post something of interest to a reader, they are likely to report that page to a social network like Digg or Delicious, which gives you more publicity, and the potential to increase your incoming traffic, and thus the probability of increasing sales and/or awareness of your business. It is especially helpful when your post asks the readers a question, or invites their interaction in some way. If they comment, they are likely to come back and find out what others are saying.

Create a Mailing List

Inviting users to subscribe is a good way of building a mailing list so that you can get their permission to send them email updates about your products or services. Once you’ve built up a good list, can you imaging the impact when you send out a marketing email about the latest sale or newest product, to a list of people that have already expressed interest in your company? It’s not blind selling at this point, you have a relationship with them; they’ve extended a level of trust to you, and they are more likely to want to learn more about what you have to offer.

If you’re convinced that you need to develop a blog on your website, or perhaps you don’t have a site at all, and think this is the perfect place to start (which it is), then please feel free to contact me. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the development services I offer, and the WordPress Themes I create for you.

I hope that this short post has helped encourage you in some way. After all, these are the reasons why I as a business owner run a blog. I’m not the most proficient writer, and I’m always skeptical as to how well my opinions will be recieved, so I’d love to hear from you, and any criticism you can offer, constructive is preferred.