Part 4 of my Reusable Custom Meta Boxes tutorial series on WPTuts+ is set to publish next week which will go over how to use the various types of data stored with the fields we create through each part of the tutorial. Since I first started the series, I’ve made some major improvements that make their resuability even better. Since this seems to be an ever growing project, I’ve set it up on GitHub. This way, you can watch the project for more improvments and for new fields that I add. It’s open source, so you can even contribute to it!

Reusable Custom WordPress Meta Boxes on GitHub

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2 thoughts on "Even more Reusable Custom WordPress Meta Boxes"

  1. Lefteris says:

    For an entire day I was banging my head why the repeatable field was not working . I finally discovered that the code for the repeatable fields is not included on the

  2. Michele says:

    i want know how can i use tax_select inside a repeatable fields.
    When i try to insert taxonomy select into some repeatable field i have some errors and no options are displayed.
    The error is:
    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array…
    Thanks in advance.

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