rubber bands

After months of work, I’ve finally launched my new theme. It is fully responsive and features a fun masonry effect in archives of posts such as the front, category, archive, and format pages. Go ahead and give that browser window a stretch back and forth to see how it works.

Flat but Fancy

I wanted to go along with the new “flat design” trend so you won’t see any rounded corners or gradients around here. But in order to retain some level of creativity, I set the site on top of a carefully crafted textured background. The contrast isn’t always the greatest, but I hope most of my readers will find it tasteful enough.

One of the funnest part of the design to me is the liberal use of icons made possible by the custom icon font I built with Ico Moon. I even went so far as to replace smilies with icons.

Peanut Gallery

I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible in testing everything, but it would be impossible for me to catch absolutely all the bugs on my own. If you notice anything that seems off, please let me know.