greenribbon1If you are a twitter user, you have probably noticed that either a lot of people have turned leprechaun, or if you are in the know, you know the green avatars are in support of the Iranian protesters fighting for their votes. This is all thanks to a programmer that has built a one click tool for turning your avatar green.

This is a really great cause, and I give props to him, but for some people, (namely me) their avatars looked a little creepy being all green. A few people have branched out and changed some of the things in their avatar to green, and this works pretty good. But if you would like to show support for Iran while keeping your avatar tasteful looking, then you might be interested in doing what I’ve done, and that is to just overlay it with a green ribbon. Not only does this show your green support, but it tells people the green isn’t just because when you get angry, you grow super human muscles and turn green, but that you are supporting a cause. So here to the right is the ribbon that I threw together quickly, and you can feel free to use it as well.

One thought on "Green Ribbon for the Help Iran Election Cause"

  1. best hgh says:

    DEar publisher i like the green avatar & since you have told so much about the trend to support the iran so i also support to Iran !we all are support of it!Thanks for it!

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