Why You Should Use Technology to Immortalize Your Memories

January 26, 2014

I grew up attending and working in church youth camp. I was only 17 the first time I served as a cabin leader and continued my career in the positions of cook, music teacher/worship leader, and fun time director in a total of somewhere around 10 or 12 camps. It was a big deal to …

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18 Things I've Done Since Getting Married at the Age of 18

January 3, 2014

There’s an article floating around social media written by a 20-something explaining her take on what life should be about at her age instead of marriage. It includes a list of things you should do instead of getting married. 19 of the things on her list are things you can still do after you’re married …

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I Luf You Mommy

October 14, 2012

I’m in Louisville for WordCamp and tonight I got this text message from my daughter Chloe who just turned 7 and is in first grade. Here’s a translation of her darling attempt to communicate with me: I love you mommy. I wish I got to see you. I miss you. I wish. I love you …

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Meet Lucinda/Lucy/Lu Lu/Lucy Lu Hart

August 29, 2011

She’s 4 months old, weighs 45 pounds and can pull a grown man across the yard when he walks her (we’re working on “heel”). She’s half mastiff and the vet said probably half lab or German shepherd. She already has a lot of her basic obedience training down and we’re hoping to shape her into a family …

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Ruddy and Beautiful

April 11, 2011

Daddy: Chloe, Who did Samuel anoint as king? Chloe: The shepherd! Daddy: And what was his name? Chloe: David Daddy: Was he the tallest, strongest, and smartest? Chloe. Nope Daddy: What made David different from his brothers? Chloe: He stanked!

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It’s wonderful how being a parent transforms the Christmas gift excitement from receiving to giving.

— Me
December 15, 2010