Why Do I Work?

Money and Benefits My family’s comfort and well being depends on my being able to provide for them financially. This is one of the three things that drives me to work everyday. When finances and…

Keep Your Heart Young

Recently my husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. It feels so long for two people so young. There have been plenty of trials, and they seem more numerous than the good times because of…


My Best Accomplishment of 2013

I crocheted these sweaters for my three daughters and my best friend’s daughter for Christmas. It took me a little over a month with a total of 28 sittings, some of them several hours long.…


I Luf You Mommy

I’m in Louisville for WordCamp and tonight I got this text message from my daughter Chloe who just turned 7 and is in first grade. Here’s a translation of her darling attempt to communicate with…

Saying that the universe wasn’t intelligently designed is like saying the presidents faces showed up onMt. Rushmore after millions of years of erosion, or the White House appeared after an explosion at a brick factory.
God gave us the gift of His son when He was born. Jesus gave us the gift of life when He laid down His & rose again. Joy to the World! He is risen!