Most of the work I do consists of custom design and development for clients. But every once in awhile I will create something for redistribution. I love these kinds of projects because I’m able to pour all my passion into making one things great, instead of splitting my focus on several clients. I don’t have a lot of these to share, but I hope to change that as time goes on.


Basic Instagram Widget

Create a widget to display recent images from a specified user.

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ReciPress: A Premium Recipe Plugin for WordPress

Finally there’s a fully supported recipe plugin for the world’s most popular publishing platform.

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Invite Friends to Register

Use this plugin to allow users to invite their friends to register on your site.

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Post To-Do Lists

Create to-do lists on your posts and pages similar to those used in Basecamp and Backpack.

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Fifty Fifth Street

A greyscale theme that follows a nice grid system, and keeps typography in top priority.

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