It’s WordCamp time again! This time I’m speaking at the very first WordCamp ever to be held in Arkansas. The organizers have done an excellent job at securing venues and restaurant plans in Fayetteville for this weekend, as well as raising sponsors to help fund the event. The speaker lineup is also not too shabby, if I do say so myself. A few friends of mine are speaking there, and I can’t wait to make new ones!

I will be speaking again on the same topic I gave in Atlanta and in Miami. This time I’ve revamped it a bit for two reasons: 1) I have a full 90 minutes to cover, and 2) I have been able to hone on the most important areas of the discussion, and weed out some of the fluff. I have also redesigned my slides to take advantage of all of the real estate on each slide, using better typography, and following a few tips I read about in Rockable Press‘ latest book, Rockstar Presentations.

Freelancing with WordPress

Here is the outline for my presentation.

  • How to Sell WordPress
    • What does the client need?
    • What Would WordPress Do?
  • What has WordPress Done?
  • Design & Functionality
    • Ask Questions
    • Start with a List
    • Get Examples
  • Getting the Content
    • Get Started off Right
    • Use the Right Tools
  • Be the Boss
    • Basic Rules to Remember
  • Support & Resources
    • WordPress is Easy!
    • Resources


I have been planning and building a new project ever since I finished my presentation at WordCamp Miami. I had been asking myself for quite some time, what could I blog about that could break away from my professional blog here, and stand on it’s own as unique content? When the topic of using WordPress to build sites for clients had succeeded in drawing a crowd twice at two different conferences, I knew I had found the right subject. will be launching tomorrow. It is a blog that meshes the two topic of WordPress and freelancing. The content is only in the baby stages right now, but I hope to gain involvement from the community and other authors, as well as drive most of it myself, of course. We will be offering the following:

  • Resources
  • Tutorials
  • Plugin and Theme Reviews
  • Case Studies
  • Business Tools and Advice
  • eBooks

Although I’m launching this week, we will be having a live grand opening show on Thursday, June 3rd, at 7:00pm central time. Come hear me talk more about the website and it’s features, and also ask questions about anything pertaining to the website or our topic.

So that’s the agenda for the coming weeks. If you’re going to be at WordCamp Fayetteville this week, be sure to say hi!

6 thoughts on "Another WordCamp and a New Website"

  1. I’m hoping someone is smart enough to video and/or audio record the presentations. I’d be interested in seeing the presentation from afar.

  2. Tammy Hart says:

    I will try to persuade my sister to record it for me. I’ll also be loading the slides to slideshare, so stay tuned for that.

    Also, much of what I’m covering here will be expounded on at

  3. Still a little confused about the new site that’s gonna launch soon. But I’m sure going to keep track of that. Asking in advance, anything for newbie freelancers like me? 😀 Wish I could start my journey with the very beginning of a website. :(But I’d also like to do volunteer works for start up so that I can at least learn from you [guys].

  4. Dawn says:

    Hi Tammy! Looking forward to your visit this Saturday at Fayetteville Wordcamp.

  5. Joseph says:

    Hi Tammy! It’s great to hear that you found the book helpful! Thanks!

  6. Translation says:

    Great. That very cool dear.

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