I just want to thank the organizers of WordCamp Birmingham for inviting me to speak again this year for this awesome event. Also, a big thanks goes to anyone who attended my session. I hope you were able to at least learn enough to be intrigued and will join with me to try to help WordPress take over the world.

Here are the slides from my presentation:

Custom Post Types and Taxonomies from Tammy Hart

8 thoughts on "Custom Post Types and Taxonomies"

  1. Remkus says:

    Looks like it was a thorough presentation on CPT. Just out of curiousity .. any live code you’ve got somewhere on that last sheet that you’re willing to share 🙂 ?

  2. Tammy Hart says:

    You mean the customized custom fields? I used a plugin to do that, actually. It’s the one mentioned on an earlier slide, More Fields.

  3. Remkus says:

    ah yes.. missed that one. Love to not have to use Flutter anymore 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Paris Vega says:

    … Tammy… You’ve done it again.

    You just changed my WordPress world and made me millions of dollars.

    I’ve been looking for a thorough explanation of the new custom types & taxonomies. THANK YOU for your thoroughness. The More Types / Taxonomies / Fields recommendation is a world changer.

  5. Tammy Hart says:

    Hahaha, glad I could help, Paris. 🙂

  6. Nick says:

    Tammy hi.

    I follow you on Twitter in Adelaide, Australia. Big fan!

    As a publicist tho i have built our firm’s first website using WordPress – which continues to amaze me each day – embracing the *graphene* theme. Sadly in true Dr. Seuss fashion some glitch has moved in to my plug-ins … as I now keep getting an error message each time I attempt to embed a new plug in.

    Have you come across this being clearly a WordPress specialist.

    Is it a case of deactivating in Christmas light fashion – each plug in till I find the offender – ANY ideas would be hugely appreciated!

    Best wishes from Oz.


    Below is the error message I now get …

    *Could not create directory. /hermes/bosweb/web141/b1414/ipg.engendercomau/wp-content/upgrade/bbc-world-service-widget.tmp/bbc-world-service-widget*

    I am certain I don’t even have any folders like hermes/bosweb!!

  7. Tammy Hart says:

    Nick, I’ve sent you an email.

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