It was my pleasure to be able to speak again in Miami. The event as a whole was very well planned and organized, and with well over 300 in attendance and a 95% turn out, it is safe to say that it was quite a success.

The only downside was the difficulty in choosing which sessions to attend. There were so many great topics on all levels, that I found myself checking the schedule constantly to make sure I was getting the most out of my time. There were about 25 speakers and 3 tracks including a Beginner/Blogger track, a Marketing/Design track, and a Developer track.

My Session

I presented in the Marketing/Design track on “Don’t forget the Milk: Handing the client a website they can use”. My main focus was that it is easy for a designer or developer to spend all their time and energy on the look and functionality of a site, then when it’s ready to launch, we have a tendency to want to just say, “Here’s your site, have a nice day” . While some clients may be tech savvy enough to get the handle on things, others are left feeling abandoned and lost. In my presentation, I went over tips and plugins to help make the hand off smoother and easier for both the client and the developer, by adding a few essentials to your check-list like milk, bread, and eggs.

Video User Manuals

One of the best plugins I can recommend is a manuals plugin that provides video and written training on how to use the basic functionality of WordPress, such as how to create a post, manage media, and more. The creators of this plugin,, were generous enough to not only sponsor my trip to Miami, but to also offer attendees an $89 discount on their annual subscription. If you build websites or blogs with WordPress for your clients, you won’t believe you’re not already using this plugin. It is on my list of essential plugins for sure. Interview

While enjoying the conference, I was flattered by an invitation to be interviewed by We talked about my background, the topic I presented, a thank you to my sponsor, and I also got to mention my company,, a new web marketing and design provider here in Birmingham, AL.

I want to thank the event organizers for having me again in Miami and my sponsor for making it possible. I had an amazing time at the conference, the after party, and just being in the city in general.

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