So I got a tweet from my friend Wade this morning that surprised me:

[blackbirdpie id=”164035274853199872″]

I’ve been posting to slideshare for a couple of years now and one of my decks has 3,500 views.. from 2 years ago. But 1k+ in two days and rising now that I’m on the homepage, that’s pretty exciting.

I wish I knew more about how they select decks for their featured section. Is it because of views I was getting on my own? Favorites? Tthe popularity of the conference? The tags I used? I don’t know. If you know, please share in the comments.

At any rate, I’m pretty excited especially as it promotes Food Blog South. This was an amazing conference with so many talented people running it, speaking at it, and sponsoring it.

Here’s the deck:

Food Blog Design from Tammy Hart

One thought on "Food Blog Design Featured on the Front Page of Slideshare"

  1. Wade Kwon says:

    I know a SlideShare superstar!

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