I am really excited about what is going on with my business these days. Spring has brought some new growth to my little freelance business, and it has me a bit dazed, but not confused. With the book deal came instant validation as an expert in WordPress development. As a result, I am already getting some congratulations from my peers, and it has me reeling in my ego before I let it get too out of hand. It may seem silly to other people, but to have come from nothing and nowhere, to the level of success I have built for myself today, really makes me feel proud, honored, and most of all, blessed.

I have been asked to do a few speaking engagements, and I am really excited. Jeremy from IPSA wants me to speak on WordPress at next month’s meeting. I’ll be at BarCamp Birmingham, and will hopefully get a chance to present. I sat in on the WordCamp meeting today, and Andre has asked me to speak. (That is especially cool because Matt Mullenweg will be there.) New Horizons has asked me to teach a WordPress class in their schedule. Today I met the guys from Shift Workplace, and they asked if I might be interested in teaching WordPress at their new facilities here in Birmingham.

I want to thank Wade and Andre for inviting me to the WordCamp meeting, and helping me meet all these new people. My only prayer now is that I can live up to everyone’s expectations! I’m not afraid of speaking or being on a stage. I’ve been there my whole life in church ministry and singing, playing guitar, etc, but this is a brand new thing for me, and my head is buzzing with so many different ideas, I’m not sure how to outline it all into a 30-40 minute session, and not just blow over everyone’s heads. It’s hard to decided how basic or how advanced I should be, and how to balance between “about me”, “how-to”, and other approaches. So if anyone wants to share some feedback, or give me ideas, I would love it.

One thought on "Speaking of WordPress in Birmingham"

  1. Ike says:

    There ARE a lot of reasons Birmingham is making a dent in the WordPress Universe, and YOU are one of them!

    Congrats on the book deal!

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