Lazy Engineers

Husband: I signed up for this service and it says it’s best to use Firefox; I’m not sure what that means.

Me: It means they’re too lazy to debug it with other browsers.

Turbo Macs

Tammy on Facebook: I’m at a McDonald’s 350 miles from home, working and collaborating with my team. #ilovemyjob #team10up.

Michael: Your “McLovin it?” argargarg. lol

Terry: I have thought for years that when we finally perfect teleportation, that they ought to put portals in each McDonalds. Financially, it would benefit McDonald’s & since there are so many, it would be quicker to get to a McD’s than an airport, etc.

Michael: You can be the first vic…person to test that.

Terry: If they’d give me a lifetime supply of mcnuggets, qtr.pounders, & filet-o-fish… DEAL!

Michael: they would figure out a way to still charge you to use the supersized version after you can no longer fit eating all that free food!

Terry: If we truly perfect it, we can limit how much of you teleports… 2 problems solved: quicker travel & easier weightloss!

Michael: I would NOT want to be the guy cleaning that up!!!

Michael: But if you were that accurate, you would cure cancer and the like as well!!

Terry: Oh, it would be that accurate. & it would do your taxes for you.

Michael: Turbo Macs


Design is Not Absolute

Tammy: Just keep tinkering with it. Design is relative, there’s no right or wrong way to do it

Evan: This is true, but there are sure are a lot of bad ways to do it

Tammy: Absolutely

Ruddy and Beautiful

Daddy: Chloe, Who did Samuel anoint as king?

Chloe: The shepherd!

Daddy: And what was his name?

Chloe: David

Daddy: Was he the tallest, strongest, and smartest?

Chloe. Nope

Daddy: What made David different from his brothers?

Chloe: He stanked!

Si means yes

daniel: si. that means yes in espanola

Tammy: oohhh. i was wondering

daniel: sorry. We’re going to have a meeting that breaks down abbreviations and helps with communication